Hemera 800,000 Big Box of Art and Panther!?!?

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    Jun 17, 2004
    Hey, just wondering if any of you out there have installed and currently use Hemera's 800,000 image Big Box of Art with panther. I installed the application off of DVD number one of eight and the application fails to launch with or without the dvd in the drive. Also, when trying to run the app. straight off the DVD the same thing happens, unexpectedly quiting and leaving me with 8 awesome DVD's of images collecting dust. Any ideas? I repaired permissions after installing it and there doesn't seem to be much documentation regarding issues with the program and panther.
    Sys. Specs. in case you think it matters:

    1.4 ghz G4
    1GB Ram
    Radeon 9800 128mb VRAM
    Deskstar 120GB HD w/8mb buffer
    Pioneer DVD 107D Superdrive
    OS X 10.3.4

    Please help I would really like to use this stuff! :confused:
    Thanks for your time and help.


    Edit: NEVERMIND, update on web for panther. Sorry

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