Here, Piggy, Piggy

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Frohickey, Jul 7, 2004.

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    Here, Piggy, Piggy

    Raw fruit and vegetables — or else the pigs get it.

    That's what a Gallatin, Tenn., woman read in a ransom note after a pair of concrete swine were swiped from her front yard two weekends ago, reports the News-Examiner of Gallatin.

    The foot-tall plaster porkers, one dressed in farmer's overalls and the other in a pink dress, vanished from out in front of Mary Romines' trailer the night of Saturday, June 26, according to the police report.

    Other pieces of garden statuary, including a bird bath, concrete chickens and a few other stone pigs, were disturbed, but not taken.

    Tacked to Romines' front gate was a note with a specific demand: two ears of corn and one ripe mango, to be delivered by Romines alone at the entrance to the A and L Trailer Park.

    "The other pigs were dusted with negative results," read the police report. "The [ransom] letter will be sent to T.B.I. [Tennessee Bureau of Investigation] for processing for [fingerprints] lifts."

    On Monday, two days after the piggies, worth about $10 each, flew the coop, Romines got another menacing message — a well-done pork chop attached to a note reading, "Cooked the Pig."

    "It's not the point with the pigs — pigs can be replaced," according to Romines, who said she has a bad heart. "It's the letters that are unnerving."

    The next night, another note raised the demands — a potato in addition to the corn and mango. Signed "The Big Bad Wolf" and accompanied by a bag of pork rinds (search), the note asked Romines if she was scared.

    "They think they have me buffaloed, but now I'm mad," Romines said. "They may think it's funny, but they're going to be charged with theft."

    Police agreed that the perpetrator will be criminally charged. The case remains under investigation.

    — Thanks to Out There readers Scott F. and Phil B.


    Two ears of corn, a ripe mango and a potato, for a pork chop and bag of pork rinds... seems to me that Mary Romines is ahead in the deal.
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    Feb 4, 2004
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    The fact that the people want this stuff delivered to a trailer park is of no surprise to me. Sometimes I wonder if people realize they are just feeding the stereotypes?
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    Oct 20, 2002
    We have had some plaster bulls and cows stolen from the front of a restaurant. It was mainly done as a practical joke.
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    She lives in Tennessee. If she has pigs, I bet she also has a shotgun... I say she should wait by the front window with her needlework, and a 12-gauge, and when the pork pilfering perpetrator pokes his head into her front yard, she opens up...

    Just make sure she's put up a sign that says "screw the pigs, watch out for the lady with the shotgun"

    If these people (and I'm willing to bet they're kids) come back, they'll be in for a surprise...

    She could also plant landmines that aren't sensitive enough for pigs to set off, but are for humans. The only problem would be obtaining them, and the fact that they're illegal here in the US...

    It would still be funny, though...

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