Here's a thought: Multilink adapter for Apple displays

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by vniow, Oct 21, 2002.

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    Jul 18, 2002
    I accidentally my whole location.
    A lot of people complain about Apple's displays being too expensive.
    Others complain that you can buy similar quality ones for less.

    My complaint is the lack of connectivity options.
    Most other displays 17" and up have at least a DVI and a VGA connection.
    Some have two DVIs, and some even have composite & S-video too.
    I remember when SGI's excellent 17.3" widescreen display was out, it used a propietary connection which required a new video card, but they later made an adapter so you could hook up, DVI, VGA and even HDTV to it.
    I don't see Apple putting more connections to their monitors anytime soon, but maybe when the new ones make their debut, they could also come with a $250 or less adapter that would have ADC/w DVI adaptor included, VGA and S-video/w composite adapter included.

    Thought's? Flames?[​IMG]
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    Oct 20, 2002
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    Funny you should mention those SGI 17" widescreen, because i far as i am aware (at least the SGI website says so) you can't use the multilink adapter with OS X in digital mode (it is a pity because their native resolution is 1600*1024 which is exactly the Cinema Display's so the graphic cards on recent Powermacs can therefore output those res.). That reduces those screens to pretty much legacy hardware. If there is a digital solution for those screens under OS X, i would like to know it 'cause where i work we have something like 15 or so of those running WebObject apps on NT boxes (which, you will certainly admit, defeats the purpose). So if i could migrate those screens to OS X i would be able to replace those Dell workstations with Apple PMacs.
    Anyway i am a bit off topic here...

    Everyone pretty much agrees that Apple is in serious need of revamping their display line, but i would say that their main business is to sell Apple computers, so the screens are one of the (very) obvious ways to attract attention and to make those computers very desirable. I don't think they are on the market to sell screens on their own (competition is fierce there).

    If you are looking for a more polyvalent screen, get a Formac Gallery (1740 or 2010 - the DVI interface is a bit more common than the ADC...): now that is a screen...


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