Here's How Apple Can Grow iPhone Sales Even If Less Owners Upgrade Annually

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MICHAELSD, Jul 27, 2016.

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    Analysts seem to overlook what should be obvious: while Apple will never own the entire smartphone market, Apple still has a huge chunk of the market that it can overtake if Apple were to continue convincing Android owners to convert. The iPhone is still a growth play, and if Apple releases a tenth-anniversary iPhone next year with major innovations that take competitors years to catch up with (such as how the first iPhone took competitors years to catch up to) then Apple can continue increasing its marketshare in a significant way. It's going to be a mix of providing significant value as well as new innovations in a best-in-class cell phone, and also Samsung and LG becoming more stagnant in the new features offered in new generations of its cell phones. Even a minor feature like a depth sensor that improves the quality of AR for phenomenons like Pokemon Go could be what pushes Apple ahead in its segment. If Apple does move to a three-year major upgrade cycle, then what it needs to do is focus its attention on overtaking the Android market.

    New models, more competitive value proposition, and new innovations could help Apple lead the market again. There's still room for growth for the iPhone until Apple owns the majority of the global smartphone market. If they can produce it profitably, I wouldn't be opposed to an even more affordable iPhone model than the SE exclusively for the international market to overtake the growing budget segment. Becoming significantly better than the Galaxy phones to the point where it takes Samsung years rather than months to catch up as well as revamping iOS to the point Android is forced to do the same could be key to market domination.
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    Looking at the entire smartphone market, Android may have a bigger customer base/market share but if you focus on the high-end (where there's greater profitability), Apple's got a huge share. The iPod Touch pretty much shows us how much Apple will cut in order to maintain profit margins so I'm not sure how attractive an iPhone even more budget-oriented than the SE will be.

    Honestly, there always seems to be news about massive layoffs with a lot of tech manufacturers so I'm guessing there's barely any profit to be made on the low end.
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    To the OP the answer is Create another exclusive tier like for example look at the sales explosion of the iPad Pro 9.7 why because Apple needs to give people a new experience give them something that no one else has.
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    Apple's already do that: security, privacy, reliability, retail locations, and best in business customer support. No other phone maker is doing those things. And please don't say there's a Samdung kiosk in some Best Buy somewhere.

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