Hey Beta-testers? Anyone synced an iPod Classic on Catalina?


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Oct 22, 2018
Simple question:

IF (and its getting bigger everyday) I upgrade to Catalina, can I sync my iPod Classic without iTunes? All I'm hearing is iOS devices sync without iTunes. And my BELOVED iPod Classic?



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Nov 15, 2010
Reading, UK
Dunno about your iPod Classic. But I just successfully dusted off and synced my 1st gen iPod Nano.

It appeared in Finder as expected, and I was able to sync it from there.

ps. It's slightly flaky though, as most of the time it disconnect after its finished syncing. Finally I got it to stay alive long enough to uncheck the 'Automatically sync when this iPos is connected' checkbox(!)

pps... That flakiness could have been down to the dodgy 30-pin cable I was using - seems much better with a genuine Apple one...
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Apr 24, 2009
I didn’t sync mine but my Classic did show up and all the options showed up as usual as if it were iTunes - proper icon and color of the iPod and everything :) should be all good to go!
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Sep 10, 2014
How does that work with managing video playlists?

That's a key feature of the iPod Classic which somehow never made it into iOS devices.

I use this feature heavily. Also, in iTunes I routinely change Home Video types to TV Show, etc. in order to sequence them properly on iOS...is that still possible?