Hey guys! im new in the world of iphone, and mac programming. newby questions. :)

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by TuNiX, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Sep 2, 2008
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    Ive searched google and tried to figure some of these questions out but it seems like its something everyone should know so i don't think i can find an upfront answer to my questions.

    when they say the iPhone SDK is out how is it used? im sure the SDK is not a program for the mac but a kit that needs to be coupled with a program, so do you attach the SDK to Xcode or something? i don't quite understand.....

    if i wanted to code a program for the iPhone tomorrow (not really just curious) how would i start? and in what order?

    example, would i download Xcode, then the SDK, then visually put together my application, then write the code, then compile and test??

    i realize im waaaaay off on how this really works but thats why im hoping that someone can put me on the right track and help me understand what an SDK is and how it is used in the mac world. the only programming experience i have is with Visual Basic 6.0. its very simple and easy to use, drag buttons on a form, write code, compile and run. i think because of the fact that i use visual basic using other applications and understanding other types of code is much harder because i find that i relate everything to visual basic.

    thanks in advance guys!!!
    - Tory
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    Mar 13, 2008
    in your parlance, the equivalent of the visual studio ide is xcode. xcode has the interface builder that helps creating the layout of the screens and buttons and stuff. you will need to download and install the iphone sdk - that will also give you an iphone simulator that you can play with. you build, install, exeucte and debug on the simulator in the first place. after you pay the $99 developer fee, you will be able to build and install (and even debug) on an iphone or ipod touch. also after paying the tax you can also build for ad-hoc distribution, or itunes app store distribution. remember though - you have to have an intel based mac with leopard os to get started. good luck!

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