Hey! Thats not a sausage!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by clubmedia, May 4, 2004.

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    this is too funny

    SAN JUAN, Texas (AP) - Police said Monday they have no idea who is responsible for at least 29 sticks of dynamite found strewn along roadsides.

    No one has been injured, but one elderly man who had found some sticks told police he nearly put one on the stove as sausage. He told police he had taken others to the station but forgot one, and when he reached for sausage while cooking, he instead picked up the dynamite.

    Police Sgt. Rey Casarez said four sticks were found on a farm-to-market road on the south side of town Friday. He said 20 more were found Sunday strewn along the south side of town and around a residential area on the east side of town.

    Casarez said police had scoured the area, but hadn't found any more.

    "Still, that's a lot of sticks to be thrown around our city," he said. "We've walked the areas. We haven't been able to find more, but you never know."

    McAllen's Emergency Response Team responded to the findings, along with officials with the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

    Casarez said there were no markings on the dynamite.

    He said dynamite is a controlled substance and may have been left over from roadway or other construction projects.
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    I think that would have been "El Explodé"

    :D :eek:
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    that guy is lucky he didn't reach for the turd he picked up along the road the day before...


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