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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Aea, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Well no, actually I'm not Joe. In fact, I'm a god-hating upper-middle class city dwelling liberal elitist American. So excuse me if I take much of an issue with these ads.

    Now, maybe I just don't understand people like Joe, who rarely make over $60,000 in a good year. Gosh, I really want to raise the tax rate on them. Just like Obama with his tax hike on middle class families.

    "Don't Tax Me" is a mantra I just don't understand, but I accept it. McCain's Campaign has hit the bucket. But now this is beyond what I expected from McCain. Character Assassinations, Outright Policy Lies, Racism, Accusations, but this is too much. How dare they put put a question mark after the quote? This is Blasphemy! This is a desecration of our language! The "designer" behind this should be let go, immediately.

    See For Yourself!

    Small note of warning, I decided to post this after giving my cat its emergency fix of food at 4am, it sounded funny to me at the time. Your results may vary.

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    Hey, it's the last pathetic act of a desperate man. And it's not working. Joe the plumber is already becoming a national punch line.

    BTW, your irony was so thick in those first two paragraphs that I was prepared to report you for trolling. Now I realize you were just being bitterly sarcastic. :D

    And I'd tell you to tell the cat to **** off, but I know he'd just sit on your head until you got up and got him some food.
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    Jun 12, 2006
    McCain's proposed tax on the middle class and tax breaks for the rich are fact. But what scares me is that he has convinced a lot of blue collar workers making less that Obama will tax them.

    What McCain has going for him, even with only half the projected electoral votes of Obama with just 8.5 days left, is a knowledge that much of America is extremely easy to fool. People simply don't know how to read or reason. If McCain pushes the once true fact that Democrats are tax and spend, but makes them believe that's the case now, then he can win some of the battleground states. If he wins enough of them, he wins the election.

    McCain's odds of winning are 1 in 20, but I still don't feel comfortable with that due to the lack of knowledge, education, and reason that the vast majority of Americans have. While I don't agree with the GOP, I do highly respect a person who votes Republican if they can pose valid issues, but saying that Obama will tax the middle class more than them is simply preposterous.

    I won't be satisfied until this election is over since McCain was written off as dead once before during the GOP primaries. Granted, I have never seen super long odds make it before, but remember this is a year when Tampa Bay is in the freakin' world series. :)

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