Hidden/Invisible Photos on my watch...How to delete?


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Nov 23, 2015
Rocklin, CA
I noticed this first, on my S2 Apple watch earlier this week. I went to the about section in the Apple watch app and noticed I had 14 photos on my watch and it was syncing to the favorites folder on my iPhone X. I removed the photos from favorites, on the phone, but the watch still says it has 14 photos stored on it. Opening the photos app on the watch, it says it's empty. But in the settings, it still says it has 14 photos.

Got my S4 watch and restored from the backup of the S2, that I had un-paired previously earlier in the day. Open the about and sure enough, 14 photos...but none in the actual photos app on the watch. So I went back to my phone, created a new folder called "apple watch" with 0 photos. Changed the sync folder to that in the apple watch app. Watch still says it has 14 photos on it, but 0 show up in the photos app?

It's like they are hidden in some way or maybe they are system pictures? Anyone else run into this?
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