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Jan 1, 2014
Hello guys i got 2 questions.

First one is;

I work as software engineer.
This computer will be my prime computer.

My problem is this;

Most of the times i will use this computer for coding stuffs - xCode mostly

But i will use this computer around 4 years and since these new boys can not be upgraded after the purchase i'm having hard time to decide.

8 gb seems really but really low.I m sure that it will be enough for me for now but later?Not sure, even my 4 years old vaio has 8 gb ram...

I m not a hardcore gamer, i only use basic games like dota and something like that.

I have enough cash to buy high end but 2600 $ is really looks a lot when i can make use of 2000 one .

Btw i cant get 2200 $ just 16 gb ram one, i m not on usa and i dont have enough time to wait 1 month for customized shipment.

second question is;

if i buy 16 base model with 16 gb ram.Will it be in my hand. I only got 5 more days in states.


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Sep 25, 2007
New England
I was in the same boat as you, started out with an iMac 27" for a replacement for my 2008 MBP which is just not economically worth fixing. Well the iMac was great and I special ordered it had it very fast with in 3 days. But it was just too big for the space and I returned it.

Over all the end game was I got the Top of line MBP which was in stock of course and they ha maxed out processor and 1TB HD in stock which they said they carry all the time.

Seeing how i have the capability to also play a game or 2 on Steam because the video card is beefed up in this also, I figure I'm set. Over all I could have gone withe the next one down, but seeing how I do not buy a new computer often and have had outstanding care and support from the local apple store I went with as I put it the TOL, probably an overkill for what use it's going to get but I'm happy and the budget allowed for it also.

Hope this helps you , the retina display's are really great, the keyboards are OK I like the old aluminum key's but I guess the designers see differently


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Jul 23, 2002
Sol III - Terra
If you're in the US for a few days, some Apple stores have a 15" Retina model with 16GB of RAM and a larger SSD than the base model has.
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