Hillary reassures Democrats: if she wins, she'll put a man in charge

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    Poor poor Hillary. She just can't get the hang of running for president:

    "At a campaign stop in Kentucky, Hillary Clinton told the crowd that if she were president, she would put her husband Bill “in charge of revitalizing the economy.” The impulse is understandable. The economy of the 1990s was good, or seemed to be prior to the collapse of the dot com bubble."
    Trump, of course, immediately found the flaw in Hill's plan, and tweeted:

    Crooked Hillary said her husband is going to be in charge of the economy. If so, he should run, not her. Will he bring the "energizer" to D.C.?​

    That's what we want: more Clinton sex scandals!

    Returning to the topic:

    That’s right. If Bill is responsible for the economy, the number one priority of most voters, isn’t he the real president? Is Hillary just a surrogate? Doesn’t she have her own ideas about some of the most important matters facing the country?

    Hillary’s promise to bring back Bill reminds voters that her career has always been secondary to his. She got her start in public life as a First Lady, initially First Lady of Arkansas, then of the United States. Hillary had no conceivable basis for running for the Senate in New York other than the fact that she was First Lady. She has always ridden Bill’s coattails. Is that the profile we want in a presidential candidate?​
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    Nothing says "empowering women" like "my husband will do all the work."
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    Wow! You guys are really amusing yourselves, aren't you?
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    Of course. Perhaps they should get into the tabloid business. ${DEITY} knows they've posted enough (useless) articles here to make up issues for the next few years.

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    Wow, Bill got an upgrade from "being in retirement", guess Hillary is too weak to close the deal.
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    I'll see your ${deity} and raise you a chmod 666 /
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    Maybe you don't want Bill anywhere's near in charge (said with Hillary's trademark insulting Negro drawl).


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