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Hinge/cable MBP display issue producing vertical lines.


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Jan 16, 2008
There are blue, cyan, red, green or even white vertical lines occupying space in the left part of the screen. Namely those are mostly 1st, 3rd and 5th lines from the left and run from top to bottom of the screen.

BUT THEY ARE NOT CONSTANTLY on the screen, that is the issue, they appear randomly and sometimes the screen is line-free. They are susceptible to moving the lid, and while opening, they are never present and while closing, they are always on. When I cease moving the lid, even moving the unit itself (without changing the screen opening angle) can cause them to reappear.

When I bought the MBP the screen was ok, after 3 months one started to appear and now I've got three (its 6th month now) vertical 1-pixel wide bands running across the screen - fortunately in the leftmost part of the screen, but the issue is growing.

Now apart from being open to stories of people having a similar problem, what I'd like to know is whether should I be able to fix is myself with proper tools, as clearly the issue seems to be mechanical, eg. the LVDS cable is loose or broken. I'd hate to part with the machine as its in constant use and needed to procure my work-related material on a daily basis.

Any ideas?


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Aug 13, 2008
Hey verticalled,

You need to take the machine in. That problem sounds very much like what I had and also another person discussing on the forum.

Inside the hinges, most often on the left hand side (if you are facing your laptop) you have the LSVD cable between the screen and the computer. Now most people close the screen by puling often only one side of the screen. I.e. if you are right handed you are pulling the side closest to your right hand, and thus you are putting an extra force/torsion on ONE hinge, which results in the cable eventually breaking or getting damaged. To make sure it is NOT your motherboard acting up, hook your laptop onto an external screen and see if the external screen act the same way. If not, then it is a mechanical glitch in the screen and IN NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. Do it whilst you have warranty for this problem wont go away if it is mechanical. It will progress and when the warranty is out, a new screen will cost as much as a new computer.

Also the more people who complain at an early start, Apple can come to extend warranty for screen more than one year. A few days ago no one at Apple support have heard about this, and on this site I have found now 3 people explaining similar things.

I can't part from mine either, but that's why until I get mine back, I need to buy something more simpler. My little baby is going in today, but I've decided to buy a new one just in case as well. :(

Take care of your baby and it will serve you well.



PS: This was a more common problem int he iBooks and very common among PC screens for they have an even bigger angle you can bend them backwards. So the force on the hinges are even greater there when closing.


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Aug 5, 2008
buddy, if you dont take it in that is v dumb. your covered 'for free' so they will fix it - if it carries on whatever is causing it (probably gpu) will burn out and cause your logic board to fail *never mind* the lcd damage. if you dont take it in and get it sorted you will be paying 1600 for a new one.

waste of money. if you need it that bad for work etc borrow one from work or someone.
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