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    I have had a faulty hinge on my screen for quite some time now (I had difficulty opening and closing the screen for a while) and now the hinges have finally given out and no longer work. This is a huge issue for me as Apple charges over $1000 for the fix (they say something like they have to replace the WHOLE screen, which is ridiculous). So I have been surfing the web for alternatives, and I have finally found one! I, like the earlier post, went to ebay and bought a new set of hinges (60$) and replaced them myself, saving more than the previous posting that bought them on ebay and had someone else install them. IT was completely hassle free, the hinges came with instructions on how to do it, and it saved me over $900, which I can't complain about. During my research I found out that there is a fault in the design of the hinge for the G4, and that many are supposed to break eventually, so for all those of you who might end up with this problem (hopefully not too many) I definitely suggest this cheap and hassle-free alternative!

    if you have any questions, please email me

    Elizabeth Gruer
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