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    Link: HIPerWall: 200 megapixel Mac display doubles the world record
    Description:: The HIPerWall, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is a massively tiled, grid-based display built using fifty 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays and twenty-five Power Mac G5 computers. This powerful display system allows researchers to view and manipulate their data sets at extremely high resolutions and collaborate with other scientists in new and exciting ways. A cluster of 25 Power Macs drive two Apple Cinema Displays each for a total of 50 display screens. A 26th Power Mac is the HIPerWall’s control node. The fifty 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays yield a total display resolution of 200 megapixels, breaking the previous 100-megapixel world record — by doubling it.

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    umm, old

    this is old news, this thing has been around... ive seen pics before...
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    What a sweet setup though.

    Since having the right graphics cards in a Quad-core G5 can enable 8 displays to be connected up to a single PowerMac though, perhaps a record for 800MP is on the cards for the same 25 Mac setup.
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    Yes, this appeared on Apple.com over a week ago, so it's "old" news.

    But I never heard of it before today, and neither has MacBytes.

    So it's at least more interesting and useful than a comment that it's "old" ;) It's good that you have seen pictures... but it's even better that WE can see them now :) I have no desire to see MacBytes limited to things nobody has heard of before--especially since it's a site that links to other news by definition...

    Now, I wonder how many Cinema Displays (23 or 30) anyone has connected to ONE Mac? Theoretically, it could be quite a few now that you can use multiple graphics boards.
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    It would have been even nicer if they would have removed the aluminum enclosures to bring the actual panels closer together. I wonder how much they could reduce the space between displaysthis way…
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    I'm sorry, this comment is old. It's been around for at least a day now. I'm afraid you'll have to take it off of macbytes.
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    Dang news travels fast for some people

    Anyway "late" news like this is still great news.

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