Historical benchmarks


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Feb 26, 2011
Hi all,

Does anyone know of a site that has all the historical benchmarks for macbook over the past 5 years or so? I would like to see how much faster my new macbook pro will be over my old macbook.

Thank you! :)


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Jul 24, 2002
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Wow, these new ones sure are fast... for the heck of it I looked up my ol 17" early 09 mbp (2.66) the new (17") i7 2.3 is almost 3x the score!:eek: At least my 09 mac pro octo still (narrowly) beats out the new macbook pro.... kinda makes me want one... but saving for a new car instead.... I agreed with my wife that my computers are 'new enough'.... but still... compelling argument right there...