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    Description:: Pixar was actually started in the early seventies by a Gatsby-esque millionaire outside New York City. Since then, the team moved to Lucasfilm, was sold to Steve Jobs and lost over $100 million before running its first profit in 1994.

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    There are at least some factual errors in this - and ones that would have been easy to research.
    i.e. Francis Ford Coppola did not write American Graffiti, he produced it. George Lucas wrote it.
    I don't mean to nitpick, but an error like this makes me question the authenticity of the rest of the article.
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    The information in the article appears to be mostly correct, at least when compared to a biography of Steve Jobs entitled The Second Coming of Steve Jobs by Alan Deutschman.


    Another error I noted in the article indicated that Berkley and Palo Alto are in Southern California. They are in Northern California. From my experience, it seems a lot of people who aren't familiar with California think the greater San Francisco area is in Southern California.

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    And it's spelled Berkeley.

    Also, a rather significant (or at least unforgettable, for me) event occurred between Tin Toy and Toy Story which I was part of that the article omitted but I'm not going to say more about it here.
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    My brother's father-in-law has been using Macs or Mac clones since the 80s. He remembers using Pixar for some of their modeling in the 80s. People like him are so brilliant, yet so non-chalant about this type of stuff us geeks would like to know!

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