History of the Apple Logo


Jul 9, 2000
Originally posted by Royal Pineapple
i always like a history lession about the best computer company ;)

anyone else like Pirates of the Silicon Valley?
interesting movie...only woz looked good in it...woz seems to be the only one who thought it was somewhat accurate

the movie made jobs look really bad in it...it was as if the producer or director had a vendetta against steve jobs and they made the movie a smear job on his character

he is not known to be a nice person, but steve jobs is more than the boob that the movie made him out to be in the movie

but it is true that he was outdueled by bill gates


macrumors 65816
Jun 14, 2002
ive been trying to track down a copy of P. of S.V. and ive been unsuccessful. Can u get it from like blockbuster or places like that??
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