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HitsDailyDouble (who?) Rumor



That just didn't fit Apple's cuurent financial direction...

...Apple refuses to enter the PDA market because it is a low profit commodity market. Why would Apple even think about entering some portable mp3 storage market? That would be even less lucrative.

Nope. I have two thoughts-

1) A remote desktop pad that links to your home computer and simply relays the desktop. Possible, but unlikely given the claim that it's not a Mac. Which it would be, sorta.

2) A home stereo network center. Very possible. Very likely. Much like Compaq's iPaq Music Center, but with FireWire connectivity to other components.

We'll see tuesday.


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Aug 1, 2000
The Hits rumor reprinted

APPLE JUICE: The mysterious new digital product to be unveiled by Apple next week, HITS has learned, is the iPod, a portable hard drive for music that will feature a firewire connection for extra-fast data transfer. What's more, the device will allow users of Apple's iTunes music software to "synch" it to their computer collections, in much the way a Palm Pilot allows synchronous data transfer. The unleashing of the iPod is slated to coincide with version 2.0 of iTunes. (10/19a)



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Oct 17, 2001
Bartltt..small place in IL
it's clear...

this last, about, week or two have been revealing alot about apple's plans on what they want to do...such as the deal's doing with free digital camera's, xtra software, and other stuff having to do with the imac (home desktop), as well as a cut in peripheral prices.....this clearly states that apple is engaging in what seems like a connection/transfer/mobile device --the iPod is not exactly what seems evident-- what does seem evident is some sort of transfer device that can play as well as burn music...a lot of speculation has stated that it WILL use iTunes, Airport, and mabye some software in iDVD and iMovie...but those last two are very unlikley.
which brings me to another point, the one that refers to Intel's shutting down of one of their division's....this is more than co-incidence...the way i see it sum1 tipped intel off about apples new 'device and they jsut looked and decided to stay safe...since they arent exactly doing 'great'...this indicates apple is going to reveal a breakthrough device tuesday...
all we can do is wait...
and wait.......and wait......

joey j

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Oct 19, 2001
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This is because many people agree with me in thinking that flash suxors ass, because it wastes bandwidth, is annoying etc.

HitsDD: Please make note if you see this. The neghits scheme came in useful for once (emphasis on 'once').

(now get RID of it).


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Apr 9, 2001


Perhaps you're right... I could take it out...

I don't think it's bothering most people though.... ;) We'll figure out something better....



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Oct 20, 2001
How about some research?

Can anyone look if Apple has registered any domain names lately?

Has Apple applied for any patents lately?

Has Apple registered any trade names lately, I am sure there is a trademark on "iMac"

I have heard bunk, that itools, and idisk menus have changed alot which hints at using the internet for streaming media of some type.

What division did intel shut down, and what did it do?

Yes we can and will wait until tuesday, but this is doing just what apple wanted, creating a buzz....Isn't it fun being excited over this mystery? Sorta like xmas as a child, I wonder what santa has brought me this year.



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Oct 5, 2001
Re: iPod?

Originally posted by Classic doesn't come up with anything.

I did a whois and NetowrkSolutiosn and found the following.

It was just registered a few days ago. First of all, I don't think that Apple would name anything with such a lame name. Secondly, if they did, they would altleast register the url....

I checked the netsol site and did a few searches of my own... I disagree with your point that Apple would "at least register the url". and are not registered to apple. In fact apple has not registered many sites bearing it's product names. Basically, the mere fact that apple has not registered the site name is no indicator of whether or not the product exists.

I have no further thoughts of what the product might be but given all the music hype I have one name suggestion: ituner . Seems to fit the modus operandi so far.


Device details:

I think that I have a great idea for a product that just may be the secret MP3 related device that Apple is planning to introduce next week. It's the iStudio.

Say you have a band and you want to make CD's or share them online. Well, why go to a recording studio when you can use this new device? Place the device in the room and start playing. The device will use QuickTime technology to record your playing.

Then your music can be sent to your Mac via FireWire or Airport if we're lucky. On the Mac it is converted to MP3 using iTunes. You can then burn a CD or put it on the Web.


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Oct 20, 2001
As far as those specifics go, i dont know...but.. I am hoping that it involves some form of AD/DA converter to get music into your mac as well as simply play it/connect it to your home stereo system. I'm hoping for some sort of combined iTunes jukebox Kerbango type item, with some aspects of say the TASCAM US-428 interface or the M-audio Quattro. a device which would allow not only your MP3's to be played throughout the house but also would enable the user to record using any of the popular audio programs out there (Cubase, Digital Performer, Pro Tools, etc..)and input/convert audio to 32 bit sound . OS X has a lot of potential for expanding the macs audio tools, such as MIDI without the need for OMS. Remember that just last week Apple released press tidbits on how audio for OS X "ROCKS". I'm sure this falls under the wishful thinking category as i am a musician and in need of just such an item but it is Apple and thus and we've got to think of the 'creative' side of digital music as well as simply playback.


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Oct 20, 2001
ipod/pda ?

I think it could be a combo of a music storage device with brodcast capabilities as a central server in a house or office,(airportor FM radio), and a small Newton. Why not, the newton is still better than any of the PDAs out there and to mary the air port technology with a firewire capable PDA with an internal hard drive and 128 sodimm ram would rock.


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Sep 13, 2001
Re: Device details:

Originally posted by Masturbike
I think that I have a great idea for a product that just may be the secret MP3 related device that Apple is planning to introduce next week. It's the iStudio.

Say you have a band and you want to make CD's or share them online. Well, why go to a recording studio when you can use this new device?

The home recording device you suggest is plausible, but IMHO not likely at all. There have been four track recorders since forever, and in the last 3 years dozens in the "high-but-not-studio" range have been released with CD burning connectively. Also there are ones with SCSI and probably Firewire (seeing as it's more-or-less SCSI IV) in them.

Plus, the price point the rumors have suggested is too low for this. The existing units start at $1000US or so (I seem to recall) and don't include a microphone or any other gear... and if Apple was making one I doubt they'd use the good ol' PlainTalk mike... :) (Memories of recording cubase audio through one on a PM7200...)

So to summarize: a home recording gizmo is hardly revolutionary, it's too expensive, and it's too niche for Apple (IMHO.) They're not a music technology company. Check out the 4 tracks from people like Roland and Yamaha for this kind of gear.


Jul 9, 2000

since the iMac, some rumor sight has tipped me off on every apple product and the rumor sites have been pretty focused

...but this is the first time i have seen apple keep a secret since steve jobs took the helm of apple

he is such a good spin meister that i could see him leaking out the real product somehow

i mean, get the accurate rumor out, create a buzz, make a good presentation, and watch as the sales go thru the roof

he did this so well with his four times four matrix with two pro products out and one consumer product out, gee could the next product be something like a consumer laptop, maybe a little brother to the imac?

and yes, we knew it would be a colorful laptop and he delivered just what we knew it might be, the ibook

man, for someone who is not known for his business or organizational management skills and his ability to choke more than the Boston Red Sox, he did a great job with that product...i am typing this post on a blueberry ibook



I think the fact that they said "not a Mac" means it's cross-platform. It will work with a Mac or any other PC, if it utilizes a computer at all (probably). Right now, QuickTime seems to be Apple's most cross-platform product, so I wouldn't bet against it being integrated with QuickTime, so that anyone can use it, but they have to install QuickTime if they want to use it on a Windows machine. Then Apple can make it work identically on any computer.
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