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I'm sorry but I wouldn't want a fridge in the middle of my living room to watch TV, listen to music, etc.... that's just plain stupid, and a waste of money...

And what is this Philip Home appliance idea you're talking about?



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Aug 10, 2002
i just meant that philips is supporting rendevous, and plans to make stereos and such with it.... this is just an extreme, and poorly thought out, example of that whole concept.


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Philips never said they're gonna make it into one applicance... they said they were going to connect all these appliances, and have them recognize each other without configuration, with Rendevous. This fridge thing is totally another thing, and I agree it's too farfetched and just plainly sucks.



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Apr 14, 2002
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i know that in a few years, i'll sound like one of those idiots who said that we'd never need storage space above 500k or something, but the last place i need an internet/jukebox/organizer pannel is in my fridge. it would be a better idea to put one in a toilet so that you have something to keep you occupied. i really dont feel like dragging a chair into the kitchen so that i can sit in front of the fridge and check my mail. i think phillips should have done a little more research into what kind of things would be usefull in the immediate future, because as cool as a wired fridge is (no pun intended) i have my computer to do that kind of stuff, and most people dont want more crap that can break and screw something up. if your kid takes one jab at the lcd display with a pen, your 3 million dollar fridge becomes a titanium closet.


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Jul 3, 2002
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I don't know people

Ask the people who are doing the most cooking in the Kitchen how they feel about this.

Most busy kitchens that I know have a small tv/vcr combo in them for playing back Cooking Videos and sometimes a radio for listening to music as the meal is being prepared. Cooking is not always very fun and anything to spice it up is welcomed by many. Hence you see the plethora of gadgets and devices for the kitchen.

Someone will buy this appliance...more than you know.


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Jul 14, 2002
i thought that the original intent of these sorts of things were to let one purchase groceries os things over the internet as necessary, not to watch tv and things. but maybethat went down the drain with the audrey. remeber the audrey?