Hope for the hopeless (sign of a new mac mini?)

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by jimj740, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Okay, this is a bit far fetched...

    Normally I expect to see multiple independent signs of an upcoming release, much like what has happened over the last few days with the MBA spec bump. First a rumor, then part numbers, then a box photo... classic signs.

    Take a look at the BTO options on store.apple.com. Delivery times for mac minis have jumped to 3-5 days if you make ANY config changes. This is unlike a few months ago when there was clearly a supply constraint on SSDs that would affect delivery only of SSD or fusion drive systems, or when only RAM configurations changed delivery times.

    Oddly enough this matches the MBA that is expected to launch tomorrow - any BTO config change results in a 3-5 day delivery time.

    If you do a BTO on an iMac, you still get the usual 1-3 day delivery time, so this is not indicative of a condition across all Mac product lines.

    What does it mean? Probably nothing... but if a new mini appears tomorrow: I told you so! :p
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    I don't know about tomorrow, but...

    I would think if not tomorrow, then probably by WWDC. Since Broadwell is delayed until 2015, and the Haswell revision b is here, I would also think that Apple almost HAS to now! I'm sure they knew Intel's roadmap on this, and have planned it all along. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see...but I sure am getting TIRED of waiting!! C'mon Apple! :(
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    I went to "buy" a MacBook Air and the site is still up at 1am eastern with the "old" Air for sale.

    Bring it on soon Apple :)
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    Sounds good! furthermore: amazon is out of stock minis for weeks now ...
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