Hope I'm in the right forum - help with videos/movies...


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Sep 16, 2006
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I want to start putting videos of my grandkids together into a "movie." I haven't ever really fooled with anything like this. I actually think I may have done it once, about 10 years or so ago, but now I have video clips of my grandkids separated by kid onto USBs and I'd like to take clips of each one and make a longer movie out of it.

What is the best way to do this? Is there a tutorial somewhere I can watch? I don't want to overlay the sound or anything since I want to be able to hear the videos.

Also, do I save back to a USB, or what? Anywhere I can back up something like this, and/or have it saved elsewhere?

Any help for the super technically challenged?


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Oct 20, 2018
Another vote for iMovie (think Final Cut Pro lite). I came from a decade of using nothing but Linux and no video knowledge to speak of. I had been on a Mac mini for a few months and was already learning how to create videos with iMovie. iMovie is free and quite easy to learn.. and there are tons of tutorials available online.

More information about iMovie: https://www.apple.com/imovie/
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Feb 16, 2018
For years, Apple has offered free iMovie classes at their stores: