Hoppin’ Santa Brings Christmas To The iPeople

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    Dec 5, 2010

    Santa Clause is up in the air, floating on delirium​

    Hoppin’ Santa has entered the arena. This is one of many applications that are upholding the spirit of Christmas. Riding on that gusto, iPaholics (www.ipaholics.com) is delighted to present Hoppin’ Santa to the millions of iPhone application users. The game is now available on App store.

    Simple to play applications have an enviable mass appeal and Hoppin’ Santa is no exception. No matter if you are on a bus or waiting for a train or perhaps travelling on a jet plane, Hoppin’ Santa seeks to entertain even it is for a minute. Simply tilting the iPhone/iPod on your palm is all it requires. The classic use of the accelerometer conjoined with smooth visuals, Christmas tunes and game-play deliver a joyful experience. The objective is to bag maximum points while avoiding plummeting off from dizzying heights. In-game items are crucial for the outcome as Santa progress through the game. Just to sum it up, Hoppin’ Santa is a tribute to Santa Claus and aims to add a bit more joy to those celebrating Christmas this year!


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