HOT LIMITED SALE: Perplexed is now on sale for $.99!! Prepare to perplex your brain!

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    HOT SALE: Perplexed is now on sale for $.99!! Prepare to perplex your brain!

    This must have game for fans of puzzles and brain teasers is now on sale until version 1.1 comes out!
    Save and Buy Now!


    What people are saying about Perplexed:

    eggzbacon: "Fun and Addicting Puzzle Game. This is a great puzzle game. It's addicting and it is a great idea."
    5 Stars

    Jackers54: "My head hurts, but a good hurt. Challanging and fun. I thought I was a genius after the first couple puzzles, but the next kicked my butt."
    5 Stars

    MitchG09: "Challenging and Fresh! A good buy, as this app is top notch! Very challenging and as the title states, I am perplexed."
    5 Stars "It's not Tetris. ..on the whole Perplexed offers a different sort of challenge that's entertaining and keeps you playing in order to discover what the other game modes are like and how challenging they wll be to solve. Nicely done."
    4 Stars



    Hello all!

    Perplexed is now available on the Apple App Store.

    Please give it a try and check it out here:

    Perplexed is a an always exciting, amazing and sometimes frustrating
    game of matching! Are you up to the challenge?

    The main goal of Perplexed is to use the objects\pieces on either side of the screen and to make a matching shape.
    Sounds easy enough?

    Fans of games puzzle games and brain teasers will love it!
    If you like Tetris, Bejeweled, Peggle, StoneLoops!, Unblock Me and more...
    You will def enjoy Perplexed!

    Please show some love and:

    -Download It!
    -Play It!
    -Rate It!
    -Tell your friends about it!
    and any other awesome things you can do with it..


    Frank :)
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