Houdini for Mac: (3D) looking for Beta testers

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    Link: Houdini for Mac: (3D) looking for Beta testers
    Description:: Houdini for Mac is being released, initially, as a closed beta and Side Effects is looking for a group of dedicated Mac artists to provide rigorous real-world testing. If you are interested in testing Houdini for Mac, there is a short questionnaire to fill out that will help us better understand you and your Mac. These questions also give us a chance to learn more about how Mac 3D artists work.

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    dunno - but... I think I'm going to start posting the press release submissions to macbytes as threads only, instead of linking them off the front page of the sites. That way discussion can occur when warranted without cluttering the news stories with a bunch of press releases. Thoughts? Love the idea or hate it?
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    I hope I get accepted, I've been looking for a good alternative to Cinema 4D. A freelancer came in just as I was starting this job six months ago as a Houdini specialist, and he was turning out some pretty amazing particle animations.

    If it's what I think it is (scripted animation environment), I think I will love it

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