How ‘green’ is Apple? Who knows?

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    Link: How ‘green’ is Apple? Who knows?
    Description:: Climate Counts, a nonprofit organization that aims to directing consumers toward the greenest companies, and Greenpeace, the environmental group of which you’ve doubtless heard, need to get together and try to find a meaningful way to rank the “green-ness” of tech companies.

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    Well, its really green for Steve Jobs' bank accounts. As for environmental impact, its one of many areas where they could improve. Starting with a mouse that doesn't wind up in the trash bin in 90 days.
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    These surveys/ratings need to shape up--or be replaced by legitimate ones.

    Not because they are unfair to a corporation called Apple that makes my OS of choice. (That unfairness is annoying but relatively harmless to me or Apple.)

    But because they are unfair to environmental efforts, giving them a bad name at a time when ALL of us need those efforts to be effective. That's a whole lot more important than what's "fair" to some computer company.
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