How are Macs and Apple in general perceived in the marketplace?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by trek1500, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Jul 14, 2008
    Sugar Land, Texas
    The reason I posed this question is that recently I purchased a Mac Mini because I was interested in seeing what all the hoopla was about regarding the Mac OS. I have been a dedicated Windows user for many years and had very minimal exposure to Apple products except for Ipods. I picked up an
    Ipod touch earlier in the year and love it! I probably would have gotten an Iphone if they were offered through my provider..instead I ended up with a Blackberry Curve which is pretty nice!

    Anyways..after scouring the internet for information on all Apple every incarnation..I spent many evenings in the Apple Store at my local mall talking to some of the sales guys...some who were really good and some who weren' by the time I made my purchasing decision I felt I was well informed enough to make an intelligent choice. Now many of you may feel my choice was odd...but for my needs the Mac Mini fit the bill as an introduction to the Mac OS. I had a Dell Dimension 8300 that had been a dedicated workhorse for me for about 5 years that was having issues so when looking for a desktop replacement that would hook up to my very nice...ultra expensive (at the time...) Dell 1703 FP monitor I zeroed in on the Mac "golfin' buddy" had one and he swore by it!

    Well after bringing it home over the took minutes to set it up and get it going...oh...I also ended up getting the Apple keyboard which is really nice! I love using the command feature! What amazed me was how fast the OS booted up compared to Windows...I have both XP and Vista...

    Within minutes I was surfing the net..setting up my address book...and transferring all my home video and tons of photos to my new Mac!

    One of the main reasons I got the Mac was because of iLife 08 which came preinstalled...the suite of amazing software you get with this is worth the price alone!

    Now back to my the past I always thought Apple was "boutique"...directed mainly to the younger generation and not a "serious" computing company like Microsoft...but was I wrong...I can see why people are switching..the OS is very intuitive and fast! Plus..very graphically appealing! Now that Apple has been with the Intel platform for awhile...the sky is the limit! I'm very pleased with my Mini and can see myself springing for a Macbook or even a Macbook Pro in the future! in the meantime I'm having fun learning and being part of this cool forum!

    Interesting in reading other people's thoughts and opinions on why they switched..
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    Sep 8, 2002
    The Netherlands
    Long dedicated Mac user here, so no stories about my switching from me, but wanted to reply to your nice contribution!

    I like it when people find out that a Mac really is a "serious" computer, capable of doing everything! Yes, even gaming.... (ok, running Windows, but hey, it's free to use that feature! ;) )

    Welcome aboard, mate! :apple:
  3. ihabime macrumors 6502

    Jan 12, 2005
    I sorta switched back. I used classic Macs for a long time, OS 7-8, then Made the switch to windows when the price/performance became to tempting, right around windows 98. Boy was that bad timing, I got to experience the explosion of browser hijacking and viruses in the late 90s early 00s. After 4-5 years of cleaning crap off windows PCs on a weekly basis I picked up a used powermac and OSX.

    I still use windows for work related stuff and my PC is much more up to date than my mac, but even though windows has improved a lot I still prefer OSX. It runs smoother, I don't have to waste my CPU running virus checkers and I like the way the OS in general is laid out.
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    Sep 7, 2004
    I used a PC at home since I was 9, and in school since i was 7. Our schools had Apple IIe's when I was younger than that, but replaced them w/ IBM pc's for some odd reason.

    Anyways, I'm 27 now, I got my first Mac 4 years ago after really swearing by Windows, and hating every time I sat down at a Mac...Until I experienced OS X. It was literally a life-changing experience.

    My Powerbook is the most reliable computer I have ever owned. OS X is the easiest, most fun to use OS I have ever used (I have tried several flavors of Linux as well, but I still like OS X better).

    I don't personally think there's a better choice than to buy a Mac.

    I do wish however, that Apple would stop devoting so much time/resources to iPhone and stuff, and refocus on building quality hardware.

    The overall quality of the Intel machines is definitely worse in my mind than the PPC machines were. I have never had any other issue with my Powerbook other than having the Hard Disk replaced (not apple's fault) and don't know too many people who have Powerbooks who have had really bad experiences.

    I read way too much about heat/video/sound issues with MacBook Pros these days to have a ton of confidence in buying one. You don't seem to hear about as much problems with MacPros but I know some exist.

    The materials issues (discoloration/chipping) with the MacBook are just ridiculous. Some extensive QA testing would have revealed that.

    I'd still recommend a Mac to anyone though, over a craptastic Windows Vista machine. Yes, I own one of those too :)
  5. kkat69 macrumors 68020


    Aug 30, 2007
    Atlanta, Ga

    Background FYI.

    I've used everything from C64, CVic20, TRS-80, Sinclair, ADAM, Apple IIe/c/etc.

    I'm a long time (Win 3.1) windows user (but never an advocate, always like the ability of choice so never forced anything on anyone) but have always followed Apple and what they are doing.

    At one time I contemplated getting into Mac but was intimidated by the software. I decided to educate myself over time. I did a hackintosh early in the Intel days and was again intimidated. Read forums and again intimidated by all the 'bash' commands people threw around (I have used linux but didn't want to do that in my every day life) and still opted not to go.

    Then one day last year I got so fed up with getting Vista installed that I told my wife "I've had it! I'm switching!" She asked if I felt comfortable enough and to be honest I did. I read all I wanted to read, personally visited the store, read up on the iLife applications, watched keynote speaches and basically said it was time to leave this world behind in my personal life.

    I haven't been happier at home regarding my choice of computers. Less headaches, less hassle, more time doing what I want to do. Sure that line sounded like a commercial but hey, it's true.

    This was the mistake of IBM a long time ago and yes it's still a mistake people make regarding Apple products. They hear Mac and Apple and instantly think Toys and iPod when in fact, on older hardware it's still quite fast and can do quite a bit.

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