How Beer Companies Created a Drinking Holiday


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May 5, 2008
The Misty Mountains
We went out for dinner tonight at a Mexican Restaurant, and the music was blasting, with Cinco De Mayo posters all over. I had heard a report this morning on the local PBS station which I thought was interesting, how we ended up honoring this event in the U.S., the historic answer is Mexican victory over the French at the Battle Of Puebla, the real fast answer is beer, a reason to drink beer! I'm curious if besides Mexico is this is celebrated in other parts of the word as a reason to drink alcohol? Lol. :D

How Beer Companies Turned A Minor Holiday Into America's Favorite Mexican Drinking Day



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Sep 10, 2009
No self-respecting Mexican would drink the crap most American brewers put out. Heck, they don't even drink Corona in Mexico, instead they opt for Corona Familia. Which is a large, thick glass brown bottle that offers a higher quality Corona. Or if they're smart, they'll drink Pacifico. Or if they want to feel a bit European, Modeloa Negra or Boehmia Obscura.

My rule for traveling anywhere in the world, even various parts of the UK, has always been if you're not sure about the tap water and can't find bottled, drink a light beer instead.
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