How big a MacHead are you??


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
I was wondering how big a Mac head are you guy/girls?

I have been one for very long time. I didnt even know that IBM computers made computers till after the second mac in my house (thanks Mac Dad)

I drive a White Mustang and have 2 White Apple logos on each side of my car. I Own Apple stock and read Apple news and rumors all day at work.

What kind of Machead stuff do you guys do? (My girl friend calls me a geek a lot)



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Dec 29, 2001
I have a mac
I don't putting stickers on my car because
I don't have one
my friends don't know I'm a mac geek
and they never will

I have had a Mac for my entire mac.
When my Performa got old I begged for 4 years to get and iMac(In spite of the rest of the family wanting to go Wintel and I won)
I own Apple stock.
I have 2 white Apple stickers ithcing to go on my car(In a year)
I go to the Apple page every day.
I visit 3 rumor sites every day(This being my favorite)
I begged my other Mac friend to get me a Power of Ten T-Shirt
I read Mac Addict Magazine
I argue with my PC friends why the Mac is better
I am winning converts
Everyone I know calls me a Mac Freak
I am going to get a summer job and use all the money to buy Mac stuff
I love Mac


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Dec 14, 2001
Tiger Bay
no apple stock.
apple sticker(white) on top of the ducati corse sticker on my motor cycle.
lost a job when i k.o.'d the new "network guy" when he asked in an incredulous voice (high pitched) "why did you get a mac for video". (he had man breasts too). man, you can take so much. i have no time for pinheads.


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Jan 31, 2002

Originally posted by 748s
no apple stock.
apple sticker(white) on top of the ducati corse sticker on my motor cycle.
lost a job when i k.o.'d the new "network guy" when he asked in an incredulous voice (high pitched) "why did you get a mac for video". (he had man breasts too). man, you can take so much. i have no time for pinheads.
I've never lost a job over a Mac before. Takes balls.

I'm a pretty big Mac head but I try not to go over the top. I try to recruit everyone I know to the platform but I don't push it too hard.

I guess I'm more of a passive Mac head.

I guess I should be ashamed admitting that here.



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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca
I started as an Amiga Geek at age 7 in 1984.

My fist in-home Apple was a 2cx with a 21" Ikegami SuperMac monitor set up for CAD. Then we got an 8500. My current home machine is an iMac Rev D, Lime. I BTO'd 2 of 3 of the 3 G4s at my Office and have added RAM and HD's to all of them. I have worked for a retailer that qualified as Apple Specialists. I haven't met a system I couldn't tame (although beige towers and Blue and Whites suck ass to work on and when they Fail, they fail BIG)

I learned the fundamentals of 3D on Sun and SGI machines.

My ex-sister in law (close friend) designed the Newton 2000 ergo-stylus for Apple. She worked on the 6x8 size Newton in the Apple design book. I talked with her (at her request, it felt great, I was 13) at the time about the OS and what uses I thought it should have. It was always clear that a a small,un-lit, black and white screen was inadequate.

My brother worked on Mira for MS (he's the black sheep you see :) ). I use the "guess and watch the expression" technique to map M$'s progress and direction. It looks like Apple better get it's iAss in gear if they want to make the Digital Hub stick.

My mother has worked at Apple for 13 years, though not in R&D and I have more time to research Apple's direction than she does. It's kinda fun being ahead of Apple employees on their own company's trivia. I was 2 steps ahead of the IS&T guy that she deals with internally on the last 10 problems.

Yes, I AM a Mac Geek. :D

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
I own Apple stock, I own 34 old macs. I own 7 post first imac macs.

I have Apple stickers in my dads car, my bedroom window and I constantly argue with my wintel (winamd) school.

I agrue with my boss all the time about mac vs pc (I know he is secretly a mac lover, as they all are)

I have just paid out £500 to get my Expo Paris sorted out and hope its not cancelled!

I basicly live for 5 things:
Red Dwarf, Star Trek, almost every tv comody ever made.



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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
I've been around Macs since I was 5 (1986) starting with the Mac Plus.

Got a color apple on the back of my Volkswagen Eurovan.

I'm a sysadmin for two Mac networks (one college, one graphic design business).

I have about 15 old macs out in storage.

I make sure no one talks down about Macs. :)

And every MacHead mustn't be without his address!



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Jan 19, 2002
I converted a 220 person (280 machine) office I worked in to Mac.


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
thats what Im talkin about!

You dont see Windows users pasting MS logos on their cars do you? MacHeads actuly like their computers, they dont just use then becuse they have to like Windows people. I was in class the other day and it came out that I was a MacHead. Some guy said "Mac's suck"... don't worrie... I set him strait. He had never even used one before. As our project went on...I made more and more comments about Mac's and what they can do... I think I have spared his interest enuph to at least give one a try.

The first Mac I used was a Apple IIc at my elementary school. My first Mac was a Mac+. After that my dad upgraded to a IIvx. My dad then got him self a Bagie G3 233. I was given the IIvx as my first computer of my own. After fighting with it for a while.. I went out and got a Rev-A iMac a few months after they came out. I now work on a 866 Quicksilver G4

Its all about the Mac community....


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Since 1985

My first experience on a Mac was my Apple IIc, gosh those games were so darn cute. I've had a Mac Classic, a Performa (sucked! empitome of non-upgradeable), and now a G4 Quicksilver. I'll probably buy an iMac cause they just kick ass!! I have every single MacAddict magazine and CD. I have all the Think Different posters (I think) The one with the guy on the moon is on my bedroom door. I picked up a TiBook promo booklet when I was at the store to sit on my desk for wishful thinking, and I bought 7 2002 iMac posters in a Dutch auction on eBay, and gave them to my friends, (of course keeping one for myself). And the greatest thing about Mac is, I'm a total nut, and my girlfriend doesn't even care. I love you honey! (even though you'll probably never read this!)


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Jul 7, 2001
I first started using Apple computers back in middle school on Apple IIe computers. Then was the Performa and Powermac lab in HS. My dual 533 was actually the first mac I ever owned, but I've been very familiar with them for almost 7 years now. (I know I'm a newbie)

I put one of the white apple stickers over my taillight on my car so that everyone knows what I use when I slow down. It's especially cool at night. (there's something about a glowing red apple...)

No stock, but that may change soon. Things seem like they are about to change for the better, so I'm going to buy soon. I am about to switch my dad's office to mac. (only 2 computers, but its a big step for him. He is pretty reasonable and logical, and sees the inherent quality and ease of use in macs)

That is all