How can I burn mpeg on DVD-R?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by knobtwiddler, Apr 22, 2004.

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    Hi, I've got two mpeg files (each larger than 800MB) and I want to burn them on dvd and have them joined as one movie so there's no skip in the middle (it's 2 files of a broken up movie). How can I do this? Do I need to convert the mpeg's to fit a Video TS folder or VOB files? Where can I find software to do this? I usually burn with Toast. I run 10.3.2 On G4
    Will toast format them for me if I just drag the mpeg files on toast when the dvd burning option is selected?
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    Have you tried dragging your MPEGs into iMovie? Some people report being able to do it while others say they can't. If you can't drag them straight into iMovie then you can use Quicktime Pro to convert them to .mov, which you can drag to iMovie. Join the 2 clips and save them as 1 file. Export to the format of your choice, then burn.

    I don't know if Toast does anything special with MPEGs. I never have any reason to work outside of Finder and Disk Utility.
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    if you have quicktime pro, then you won't need to use iMovie, you just have to select movie "a" copy and paste it into a new "blank movie" or w/e qt calls it, then copy and paste movie "b" into your previously created window, save it and chose the option to save it as a standalone version, if not it will just be some sort of fancy short cut thing, that will just use the two other files, which is not what you want if it is for dvd.
    (works i have done it)

    as for burning, don't count on it, chances are it is too long and idvd will not let you, even if it is only 800megs, it goes by time, like music on blank cd's. as for your .VOB question, all i know about that, is VLC plays those files, as for creating, no idea..

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    The shareware app FFMPEG is great for these types of conversions. It can take yor two files, and convert them into the appropriate VOB files and creat an VIDEO_TS folder for you to burn in Toast.
    It may take some time to compute it all out, but I found it works fine. The files will play seamlessly but each will be its own chapter. So, hitting the next buton on your DVD wil skip to the second file. Kinda nice to skip ahead. is the site. To do what you want, I am pretty sure you have to purchase the license. As a freebie it does amazing things, but the good parts do require payment, but its well worth it, especially if you convert SVCD and VCD to DVD a lot.


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