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How can I download hundreds of PDFs at once?

Silly John Fatty

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Nov 6, 2012
Hi community,

so right now, being a member of my local university, I have access to scientific literature online, and basically there's hundreds of PDFs and eBooks I can download for free. However, my membership expires soon and I won't have access to all these great works anymore.

There are literally hundreds, I believe thousands of PDFs and ePub files I want to download. I've downloaded around 300 already, but it's tiring. So I was wondering if there was a way to make a script or something, to download them automatically.

Once I've chosen a book from the search results, the webpage will look like this here:

Website Screenshot.png

I have to click on those two links to download the PDF and the ePub file each time, and like I said, it's quite tiring after a while. This is the process I'd like to automate. So basically I would open hundreds of tabs with hundreds of different books, and then I'd like to hit a button and the thing just downloads it all for me.

Is this even possible? How complicated is this?

Thanks people! ;)


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Mar 17, 2010
Is this even possible? How complicated is this?
Possible: Yes, if your fingers can do it, so can your computer.
Complicated: Probably, also yes! You need to be a scripting wizard to do it cleanly. But, there are utilities that will download a whole web site.

Of course, you will probably be breaking your institution's licensing agreement with Springer. So your question may be out of order on this web site.


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Feb 6, 2007
You can use `curl` or `wget` command line utilities to download these files, but you need to write a script.

Basically you need to analyse the URL of the downloads, and pass an argument for the changing parts. This may not be possible if the site is using random URLs.

I believe a Google search with the relevant keywords will give you what you need.
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