How can I get the Apple store to exchange my phone?

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    Aug 1, 2010
    Ok, so I have an iPhone 4. I love the phone and think it's the coolest gadget I've ever owned. BUT, I have one major annoyance with it---the wifi. I have it on wifi on my home network and on my network at work. In both places, the phone just randomly drops the connection and won't connect to the router anymore without rebooting the router (not an option at work) or resetting the network settings. This has to be done once every day or so or I'm back on 3G (which sucks because I have the 200 MB data plan and sometimes I don't notice.)

    I've already been to the Apple store once and they didn't seem to want to help me very much. They told me to restore the phone as new (I have tried that), they told me to reset the network settings (I have tried that), they have told me to get the latest firmware (I tried that). Nothing seems to correct the problem and it's incredibly frustrating.

    So does anyone have any suggestions? I have an appointment at the Apple store tomorrow morning at 9:15, and I'm preparing myself to just flat out beg them to give me a new phone. How can I get these guys to just exchange my phone? It's not like I want my money back or I'm going to pitch a fit in the store, I just want them to give me a phone that works. I guarantee the problem won't happen when I'm in the store. Help!!!
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    Doesnt sound right.
    Does it to the same with every wireless router?
    I know some routers do go down and need to be rebooted to allow any incoming wireless connection but reseting your networking settings each time to let you connect doesnt make sense.
    They should exchange it for you.

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