How can I hide the display of the record /video/photo buttons ?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by netrate, Apr 25, 2017.

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    I am doing some live streaming via mirroring and reflector app. It works great - I am going to be using the video feed from the ipad to stream to my computer and then to my projector. The problem is that the live feed (since it is mirroring what is on the ipad) has the red record button, the video/photo text etc. Is there a way I can hide this?
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    It does, but there's no way to turn off the UI in the stock camera app. There may or may not be 3rd party camera apps which provide more minimal interfaces, that's something you'd have to research.

    If you're willing to accept losing some of the field of view you could use the zoom feature on the iPad to zoom in on the camera preview, putting the interface off the edges of the screen. Settings->General->Accessibility, toggle zoom on, set zoom region (at the bottom) to full screen.

    The controls are described in the settings menu, but you double-tap with 3 fingers to enable/disable zoom, and then to control the amount of zoom you double tap and drag up/down with 3 fingers. For this gesture to work you want to keep your fingers on the screen when you tap the second time. Single tap and drag with 3 fingers to move the focus around

    EDIT: I originally made this sound more complicated than it is because I was looking at my phone, where it's tricky to get the interface off screen without losing too much of the image. It's super-easy on the iPad because the interface makes up such a small percentage of the screen content.

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