How can I make imessage faster within my network?


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Dec 25, 2011
My imessages take longer than they should to deliver when I'm on my home network. I went to the apple store and connected to their wifi and it delivered on the spot. Genius told me that the network speed has a correlation of how fast they deliver.

I took a speedtest on my phone on wifi using the app and came back with results of... Ping: 20ms--Download: 23.85Mbps--Upload: 4.08Mbps

Computer results Ping: 12ms--- Download: 24.42Mbps--- Upload:3.49Mbps

Using Comcast... connected to 1 of my 2 routers in the house which are in the same room

I'm not sure whats causing the imessage hang...any ideas?

Mr Hill

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Apr 28, 2012
Charlotte, NC
Mine are immediate and my Time Warner Internet is only around 12mbps down and 2.5 up.

They're also immediate when I'm on cellular data (Edge only since I'm on T-Mobile).