How can I upgrade firmware on ssd that is locked and won't boot os? Need help badly

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Ari Nova, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Hey all,
    I have a early 2008 macbook with a 120gb intel 320 ssd, I recently got the 8mb bug and I found the proper firmware update but the problem is when I turn my laptop on, I get the flashing question mark and when I try to reinstall lion via USB drive it keeps saying its locked or there's not enough space, and to make matters worse the optical drive doesn't take anything in so I can't even boot through the DVD, now to my question, how can I update the firmware on this ssd if I can't access my comp? Can I burn the firmware Iso on a USB through a different comp then plug the ssd and usb in my macbook and boot it through that? Will it work if my ssd is locked? I just can't figure out how to update this thing without it being able to boot

    I have a harddrive from a mbp but since I had a ssd on the macbook there's no metal hdd sled in my macbook so I have one coming on the way I got online, any info that you guys can give me I would really appreciate, I'm a writer and my macbook is the only thing I can write on, I don't care about saving the info on my ssd I just want to update it and start over, thanks a lot and lemme know if you need any more info
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    Well I cannot give you information on the intel ssd but I can tell you about my ocz vertex and maybe there is a similar solution for you.

    regarding my ocz ssd I was able to download the ocz toolkit for mac as a dmg file which I was then able to "restore" using disk utility to an SD card (I could have used a usb thumbdrive too). I was then able to boot into the toolkit by restarting with the option key down and the tookit was available as a bootable drive, from where it is possible to upgrade the firmware.

    Maybe intel have a similar solution?


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