How can you accept a damaged phone out of the box?


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Sep 12, 2012
Doing my research on my next device, I'm quite shocked at how many people here actually are so forgiving of Apple in regards to their pre-damaged phones. I mean, don't people go to Apple for high end beautiful devices. Is this not supposed to be the phone for people with the highest of standards? I know if any of my BB phones ever came out of the box with any damage, BB would hear about it. And this isn't just a one off, so many people are reporting this issue. So for the people that care, are you going to the store to get a replacement, and are you gonna open up each box to make sure it is not damaged as well? As a potential new customer, I'm actually quite concerned about the reliability and durability of the internals and the phones overall assembly. I never use a case, but now it seems iPhone 5 users have no choice. I've got my upgrade coming in December, I hope things improve with the build quality by then.
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Jan 7, 2008
Inverness, Florida
Mine were spotless. If I would have bought mine in store I would have wanted to see the product and I would have refused a damaged item out of the box in store.


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Oct 21, 2011
A lot of people don't have a local store. With your option being shipping the phone back and being without one for three weeks or living with some defects, many will live with the defects.