How do I identify a refurbished PowerBook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by withnail, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. withnail macrumors regular

    Feb 8, 2003
    As we get (hopefully) closer to a new 15" PowerBook release, I am hoping to pick up one of the current TiBooks at a bargain price. I've been seeing some deals, and they're mostly refurbished units. The others don't mention that they're refurbs, but I'm skeptical. Looking on Apple's site, it says that refurbished units are "given a new refurbished part number and serial number." Does anyone know what to look for and where?


  2. Eniregnat macrumors 68000


    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    The strangest thing happened. Apple returned my computer with a disk in the drive. It contained a lot of utilities, diagnostic tools, and system updates. I didn’t use the utilities, but one looked as though it changed the information concerning the processors or computers s/n. I though that this would be an external process, or at most something that couldn’t be changed. I returned the disk along with the then sporadic CD tray. (I think that the disk damaged the servo in transit.) They never sent a thank you letter, but were anxious to get the disk back. It was one of the fastest AppleCare resolutions that I have ever received. Still, no thank you.

    If it looks to be a new unit, then I don’t think that there is an easy way to tell. Some companies stamp something into the back or under the battery cover. You might want to look at the first digits of a few PowerBooks and compare them to a factory referb. I think that if Apple refurbishes the unit, it should be good as new, less cosmetic blemishes. Other companies my claim to refurbish units, and that’s where it would get sketchy.

    I would buy the AppleCare. Every extended warranty that I have purchased for a laptop has paid off. Nothing is worse than having your computer go down, especially if you can’t afford to fix it. I have never lost money on AppleCare. It’s worth it if it’s your primary tool for work and/or school.
  3. withnail thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 8, 2003
    Hmmm... yeah, I was hoping it would be as easy as looking for a '2' or somesuch stamped on the bottom, but unfortunately, I'd have to buy and open it first to look at most of those things. I was hoping that maybe something like a sticker on the outside of the box denoted the fact that it was refurbished. If the info from Apple is accurate then instead of the standard part number, it should have a different one (maybe ending in 'REF' or something).

    Can someone who's purchased a refurb from the Apple Store comment on whether it came in the standard PowerBook box like this one?:

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  4. yosoyjay macrumors regular

    Nov 20, 2002
    Def. get the apple care package. My trackpad on my iBook stopped working completely. Everything was fine as far as being clean & software being correct so I decided to open it up. I found the trackpad wire-harness connector (J11) had completely broke off the motherboard and while dangaling and being bounced around had fried a resistor. Now I have to order a micro solder iron tip and a new resistor. Not phun.
  5. krusty macrumors newbie

    Feb 25, 2003
    I have a refurbed iMac DV. The new serial number is in the system profiler and should begin with the letters "RM" if it is a refurb. Also, mine came packaged in basically a brown box with black ink on the outside denoting it as an "official" apple refurb ... rather than in a "regular" retail box.
  6. withnail thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 8, 2003
    Thanks krusty...that's what I was hoping for. I'm just concerned about some unscrupulous seller trying to pass a refurb off as new. Not that there's anything wrong with them - I just like to know what I'm paying for!
  7. rainman::|:| macrumors 603


    Feb 2, 2002
    keep in mind, it could be refurbished by the seller themselves. there's no way to tell, short of being an expert... but legally, they have to tell you.


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