How do I rip DVD to iTunes, put on iPhone, then copy to DVD

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by wvuwhat, Jan 24, 2008.

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    Here is what I would like to do.
    1.) Copy my already owned DVD's to iTunes to put on my iPhone and watch during travel.
    2.) Get it on the iPhone
    3.) Make an extra copy of the DVD in case it gets misplaced or stolen (I'm at college and it's known to happen)

    I downloaded handbrake and was able to get Knocked up on to iTunes and my iPhone, looks great btw.

    How would I go about getting that small file onto a DVD with a decent picture? I'm assuming I'd have to resize in order to achieve this, I'm just worried that I'm going to run out of space fast (as the h.264 format was 1.04GB for one movie). I have a new Macbook 2.2 with a 120 GB HD.

    What would be your course of action. I'm looking forward to backing up all of my movies (about 80 of them) and am thinking about picking up a Time Capsule, which would be able to be used as a wireless HD for this very purpose, correct?

    Help me out, I'm new to the Mac world and didn't even do this type of thing with my old Windows computers. I just lost 15 or so of my DVD's due to theft and I'd like to have a back-up copy, know what I'm saying?

    I realize this is a very simple subject, but what would be the best and most time efficient way to do this?

    Thanks everyone.
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    3) use MacTheRipper (power pc version) to unencrypt the video_ts folder on the DVD. if you want the latest intel version head over to and donate.

    then use Toast Titanium to burn the video_ts folder. Toast will compress it if needed to fit on a single layer DVD if you don have a dual layer burner.

    when backing up your DVDs using mactheripper and toast you will get an exact copy of your DVD at full quality (assuming toast does not need to compress to a single layer DVD).

    if you conevert that smaller 1GB move file from handbrake to DVD format it will look very blocky as it can been encoded from DVD to Mpeg4 back to DVD which is silly. to get the best quality backup of your DVDs use the mactheripper-toast method.

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