How do I transfer a folder that has 30 songs (TRANCE MIX) to Itunes without spreading

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    So I'm trying to transfer a folder that has about 30 songs (Trance Mix) and when I do so it spreads all 30 songs into separate files. I want to keep it as an album and DL a pic for a album cover and call it (TRANCE MIX). How can I do this? I've tried twice and had to manually delete each file from Itunes. Thanks!
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    Hmm, iTunes doesn't break tracks up into smaller files. I bet if you look in the folder that you're importing, there are 30 separate files.

    Import the 30 separate files into iTunes. I don't remember exactly how, but you can select the 30 tracks, right-click, Get Info, and edit many of the attributes en masse. For example, if you drag a picture into the Album Art area, it's going to update all 30 tracks to have the same album art.

    I think if you read the following troubleshooting guide, you'll find a way to make all 30 tracks appear in iTunes as being from the same album, which is what it sounds like you're looking to do:

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