How do I tweak Snow Leopard (Finder & Safari) to make it behave more like Tiger?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Diamond Dave, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Diamond Dave macrumors member

    Nov 25, 2008
    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
    I've recently upgraded to a Mac Pro 4,1 from a Power Mac G4, and to Mac OS X 10.6.8 from 10.4.11 in the process.

    There are a few little ways in which Snow Leopard behaves differently to Tiger, and I'm wondering if (for each item on the list below) anyone has any suggestions on how I can make things behave as I'd like, rather than as they do.

    While I'm at it, I've included a couple of things that never behaved as I'd like in Tiger either, but which may also be alterable.

    I'd prefer, if possible, solutions that result from simple changes in settings, or perhaps "sudo" commands entered into Terminal, rather than having to install third party software.

    Also, I'd appreciate those that choose to reply refrain from suggesting I upgrade to Lion or Mountain Lion. These aren't options I can consider at the moment.

    1. After the Mac has booted and reaches the Login screen, the desktop picture is the "aurora" image. Once I log in, my chosen desktop image appears. Is there any way to change the pre-login "aurora" image to something of my choosing?

    2. In the Finder, clicking Go -> Recent Folders gives the 10 most recently opened folders. Is there a way to change this number?

    3. In the Finder, folders on the desktop often don't deselect the way they always did in Tiger. For example, if I double click a folder to open it, the folder's icon highlights. The folder often doesn't deselect / unhighlight though when I then click on the desktop or elsewhere. It often takes 2 or 3 additional clicks for the icon to deselect. Is this a known bug, and can it be fixed?

    4. In the Finder, under Preferences, I have "Always open folders in a new window" checked, as I prefer. Often though, I like to hold down the "alt" key when double clicking on a folder to open it, so that the enclosing folder closes at the same time as the folder I'm double clicking on opens, thereby overriding the preference I've set. In Tiger, the newly opening folder would always open at its previously set size & position. In Snow Leopard though, using the "alt" key causes the newly opening folder to open at the size & position of its enclosing folder instead, not at its previously set size & position. Worse, the folder then seems to "remember" this incorrect size & position which it takes from its enclosing folder, wiping out its previous (correct) size & position. Is there any way to make things behave like they did in Tiger?

    5. In Safari (version 4.1.3) under Tiger, the Command-` keyboard shortcut (that's Command and the key to the left of the "z" key) cycles through each open Safari window in turn, before returning to the original window. However in Safari (version 5.1.7) on Snow Leopard this keyboard shortcut seems to work very erratically. For example if I have, say, 8 windows open, the shortcut might only rotate through the 2 or 3 frontmost windows over & over again, rather than through all 8 in order. It might take 5 or 6 cycles before the rest of the windows appear at the front of the stack. Is this a known bug, and can it be fixed?

    Many thanks in advance for any input anyone has.
  2. Costee macrumors newbie


    Aug 13, 2011
    1. Yes you can. Just replace /System/Library/CoreServices/DefaultDesktop.jpg
    2. System Preferences-->General prefpane
    3. It's a known bug, it's even worse in Mountain Lion.
    4. ⌘+⌥ maybe?
    5. I think it's a feature.
  3. Diamond Dave thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 25, 2008
    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
    1. Thanks - that worked (once I persisted past the warnings about Core Services items not being alterable).

    2. I'm afraid not. I don't have a "General" preference pane. You might be thinking of the "Appearance" pane, where "Number of recent items" can be set for "Applications", "Documents" and "Servers". There's no option to alter the number of "Recent Folders" in this pane though, or in any other preference pane that I can see.

    3. Well that's just dandy. A non-existent bug in Tiger, that's then introduced in Leopard or Snow Leopard, and made even worse in Mountain Lion. Nice work OS X team.

    4. Sorry, ⌘+⌥ does exactly the same as ⌘ on its own - i.e. the double-clicked-on folder opens as the enclosing folder shuts, but at the wrong size & position - the size & position of the enclosing folder, rather than the size & position it was set to previously.

    5. I assume that's sarcasm? For what it's worth though, the bug I mentioned is intermittent. ⌘+` works perfectly some of the time. In Tiger though it worked perfectly all of the time.
  4. Diamond Dave thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 25, 2008
    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
    In addition to the above, 2 further points occurred to me.

    6. I was wondering how to prevent a volume from automatically mounting at boot time. I found the answer here.

    7. When I press ⌘+f in the Finder, a search window opens. I'm having 2 problems with the search window.

    Firstly, directly below the field where the search term is to be typed, is the word "Search:" with a row of only 2 buttons to the right. The first is labelled "This Mac" and the second is labelled with the name of the folder that I have set the "New Finder windows open:" preference to in Finder Preferences.

    I can't find any way of adding any further locations to this row of only 2 buttons. For example, "Macintosh HD" is in my sidebar, but I can't drag it to the row of buttons to create a new "Macintosh HD" button, nor can I find any other way to make the search only look in specific places (such as only on the "Macintosh HD" disk). I'm stuck with either "This Mac" or with the folder that I've set the "New Finder windows open:" preference to.

    How can I select where I want a search to take place? I could do this in Tiger with a couple of mouse clicks.

    Secondly, to the right of the 2 search location buttons is a small vertical bar, and then 2 further buttons, labelled "Contents" and "File Name". The "Contents" button is always selected by default. How can I make the "File Name" button the default rather than the "Contents" button?

    Many thanks.

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