How do they choose the order of actors' names on DVD boxes?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by niuniu, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Caught a look at the top of a DVD box here (not mine so no whining about blu ray) and along the top is a very high profile cast. Here's the order from left to right on the box..

    Christian Bale
    Michael Caine
    Heath Ledger
    Gary Oldman
    Aaron Eckhart
    Maggie Gyllenhall
    Morgan Freeman

    Did they stick the black guy at the end or what? (beware Flamebait, comeback 'why so serious' ready)

    Really though, how do they choose the order on this, I doubt it's random, and I know that some of these stars have massive egos (Bale).
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    It is negotiated as part of the actors' contracts. Same with the order in the opening/closing credits.
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    Aren't the credits usually in order of appearance?
  4. spinnerlys Guest


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    Sometimes, but when they are, mostly the end credits, it is stated, like it is when the cast is listed alphabetically.

    Look at the recent Star Trek movie's end credits, the cast was listed alphabetically, except Nimoy and Bana.
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    Christian Bale is playing the title role (Batman in The Dark Knight) so it stands to reason he's listed first. As for the others, as swiftaw says many actors will have their billing set as part of their contract, although if a film has a very large cast of famous names then they're sometimes listed alphabetically.

    It's not uncommon though for well known and often distinguished actors to come last on the list, as Freeman has in this instance, their name preceeded with an 'and' and sometimes 'as [the character they're playing]' listed after, especially if their role is somewhat smaller than the rest of the principle cast. In a similar fashion, if an unknown actor is playing the lead role he's sometimes listed last with the prefix and suffix 'and introducing [actor's name] as [the character they're playing]'.

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