How do you handle line cutters?

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by SR42, Nov 2, 2017.

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    So I’ve been in line at an Apple store since 12pm. When I got here I was about 20th in line. It was kind of a weird situation because there was one huge group in front of me, looks like they were planning to set up a 20 person tent.
    They then figured out tents weren’t allowed, so they’ve been having people bring more chairs.
    Now the weird thing is that it looks like they’re scalpers. Everyone 30 minutes a new person has shown up to join the group. I’m now probably 30-35th in line (no way of knowing for sure people keep leaving and coming back and new people coming).
    We’re worried that these people are all gonna buy 2 phones, exhausting stock for the rest of us. They seem to be calling more people to show up.
    We’ve asked them what they’re deal is and they said they’re a group of friends.

    So how should we handle this? If Apple limited the number of phones to one person that would be fine.
    But how would you handle these line cutters? They’re pretty much bringing more and more people in and it’s getting ridiculous.
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    You can call them out on it, but at the same time you never know if those people had other people holding spots for them, i.e 1 person holds a spot for 2 people to show up. You can also call mall security if your waiting at a mall, but chances are at a mall they wont let anyone line up before 5am friday morning. Calling them out on it is what i'd do.
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    Where I'm from cops patrol and watch for cutters. They always make them leave, not even allowed to go to the back of the line. Trying to prevent fights I suppose.

    If there's no security there, the best you can probably do is once there's enough people behind them, you all kindness of confront them together. No one will listen to one or two people.
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    That really sucks man. No easy answer to this. The first time I ever lined up was for the iPhone 6s launch - I had such a wonderful time and it really was an amazing experience - until a group of scalpers ahead of me bought the entire stock of 6s+ phones. Literally the scalper in front of me bought the last model of my preference. So frustrating.

    The store was so good to me though and really shined. The manager remembered the phone I was looking for and somehow found my contact info. She called me first thing Saturday morning - they had gotten a new shipment in and she pulled an iPhone to the side for me. I went in later that day and bought it. Just one of the many reasons I stay loyal to Apple.

    Good luck bro, hope it works out for you like it did me!
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    Talk to the Apple Store manager. They are not fans of scalpers and are generally helpful when dealing with this situation.

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