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How do you sync music to iPod on macOS Catalina?


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Sep 23, 2020
Recently I decided to upgrade to macOS Catalina from macOS Sierra. Today I wanted to add music to my iPod so I went on the new Music app. However there have been many changes which is really annoying as iTunes was really good at snycing music to the iPod. (Why fix it when it was wasnt broke?).

I tried syncing the iPod using the finder. However when I click onto the 'Music' tab everything is greyed out except there is a box that is unticked that says 'Sync music onto user's iPod' when I click that it comes up with a promt that says 'Are you sure you want to remove existing music, videos etc from this Ipod and sync with this library?'

That sounds like it will wipe my iPod which has 2000+ songs on it.

Is there a way to sync music to my iPod via an app or is there a new way of doing it? Or more drastcally shall I downgrade to macOS Mojave?


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Oct 15, 2005
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The only way it'll wipe the iPod is if you've deleted the music/vid content that was located on the mac iTunes library, i.e. if it isn't there then it can't sync, that's the same irrespective of whatever OS you use. It could just be only 1 or 2 songs or vids, only you'll know that though.
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