How do you "unjailbreak" and "relock" so that you can redo the whole process?

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by OhioLefty, Nov 5, 2009.

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    Just like the title says. I tried to jailbreak my 3GS with factory installed v3.0 using PurpleRa1n to preserve my "unlockable" baseband. Long story short, I ran into some problems that caused me to go ahead and restore to a "new phone" and I restored to the latest v3.1.2 ipsw through the lateset version of iTunes hoping that there would be an unlock released soon.

    I then used BlackRa1n RC2 to do the jailbreak (This was prior to the release of BlackRa1n RC3 and BlackSn0w) and it seemed to work perfectly.

    Then two days later when BlackSn0w was released I unlocked my phone by updating the BlackRa1n app (I left the app on my iPhone) and then running Sn0w from the iPhone. Everything seemed fine for about a day, then I randomly started getting an alarm :eek: (sounds similar to the "Sonar" tone alarm you can choose from the stock iPhone clock alarm).

    Then I would randomly lose my Wi-Fi and downloads and updates from the App Store got a little flakey, things wouldn't update or download. I got one message that said "Could not complete purchase" and another time the pinwheel just kept spinning (next to Wi-Fi icon) during an update and I had to rebboot.

    I just did a "Restore from backup" and "Restore Network Settings" and things seem a little better for now but I'm thinking about starting over. Do I need to remove the three programs that BlackRa1n put on my iPhone (blackra1n app, Cydia app and Rock app)? They show up in iTunes and when I did a "Restore from backup" they are still on my iPhone.

    My thinking is if I do this:

    1. Restore as new phone to stock v3.1.2 (will this replace my hacked carrier file for tethering with the official 5.6?).

    2. Restore from backup (to get all my contacts, apps, etc. back) or should I blackra1n and blacksn0w first then restore from backup? This is where I was a little confused, if I restore from backup first, will it put the "old" blackra1n app, Cydia app and Rock app back on my iPhone before I actually jailbreak and unlock and cause problems?

    3. Run BlackRa1n then BlackSn0w from the iPhone (again, which should I do first, restore from backup and get my iPhone just the way I want it, then jailbreak and unlock?)

    Sorry for the lengthy questions but I'm kinda new to this and the wife is watching very closely before she will even consider letting me touch hers. It has to be as seemless as a stock iPhone. We both want to try some 3rd party apps and do some customizing but it has to be reliable.

    Thank you for your time and consideration and as always, thanks for your help. It is much appreciated! :)
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    Mar 16, 2009
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    Best solution, do a sync/backup in iTunes-close iTunes
    Hold down the Home button and plug in the USB cable, keep holding down the Home button until you see the USB cable pic and Logo (restore mode)

    Start iTunes and restore to official Apple IPSW, be sure and choose set up as new (you loose your settings but you get rid off ALL JB gremlins

    You can then re-JB with Blackra1n or PT. Choose set up as new to keep from having problems. I never sync back apps or contacts, etc until after I Update Cydia.

    Re-Sync your iTunes stuff back

    Option: Get PkgBackup ($2) from Cydia before you restore and backup your Cydia repos and apps, Sync with iTunes. After JB, re-install PkgBackup and it will auto install all your Cydia stuff back with 1 touch and a reboot.

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