iPad How does itunes know the exact spot of where I'm watching my videos?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by burritos1, Sep 25, 2013.

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    So I'm watching dexter. I have multiple episodes uploaded on to my ipad. When I'm done with the episode, I just delete the episode from my ipad with the delete edit function. When I come home, I go to the itunes to delete the same video file to clear up the hard drive. However, I don't always remember which episodes I've watched so I click/watch the video to make sure I've watched it. When I get to the video that I'm watching/havent' finished, the video starts at where I've left off. Now I understand that if I connect to the ipad to the computer, the itunes will auto sync to where I've watched. However, in the last 3 weeks, it syncs BEFORE I've attached the Ipad. Now I have an icloud account, but I haven't uploaded anything to it. Am I going crazy?
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    You're not going crazy ^_^
    That's the way iTunes works -- as you are watching a video in one location, be it iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc, it syncs your last location in the video to iTunes' servers. It uses you iTunes account, wether that's also an iCloud account or not.
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    You not see last night's South Park episode? NSA
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