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How excited are you for WWDC 2015?

  • 1 (yawwwwn...)

    Votes: 12 7.1%
  • 2

    Votes: 8 4.7%
  • 3

    Votes: 7 4.1%
  • 4

    Votes: 12 7.1%
  • 5

    Votes: 23 13.6%
  • 6

    Votes: 13 7.7%
  • 7

    Votes: 17 10.1%
  • 8

    Votes: 21 12.4%
  • 9

    Votes: 20 11.8%
  • 10 (SWEEEET!!!)

    Votes: 36 21.3%

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Original poster
Sep 8, 2008
How excited are you for WWDC 2015 on a 1-10 scale?

I was most excited for an Apple TV announcement, but it sounds like that isn't going to happen. So this year I'm a little less excited than usual, about an 8 for me. Especially looking forward to native Watch Apps, and fewer bugs, higher quality, and tweaks in iOS 9. Should be a fun event!

Also, check out my WWDC 2015 predictions here:
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Oct 17, 2014
Excited to see what's in store for OS X. Name, San Francisco system font (admittedly not new to me), system-wide dark mode (hopefully), performance improvements, and probably other things I haven't listed here.

Not as big as Yosemite last year, but still worth seeing.
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Nov 21, 2014
System-wide dark mode for OS X, improved performance on Macs. iOS 9 will be the big performance/bug fixing update we've been wanting ever since iOS 8 came out. I don't really care for the A5 support since I'm on an A6, but any performance gain should be a good one.

I don't care at all for the rumored streaming service or an updated Apple TV since I don't use either. I'm all-in though for some more sneak peaks at upcoming MacBook Pro's though.


macrumors regular
Sep 20, 2014
Was kind of interested in a new AppleTV, but that's gone now, apparently. Have not liked iOS 8 and Yosemite very much (interface changes I don't appreciate and functionality that simply doesn't work reliably) and assume the next versions will make me even less satisfied. So I'm approaching WWDC with a mix of "meh" and a sort of muted dread (first world problem, to be sure!).


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Oct 14, 2011
Houston, Texas area
I have always been all ears for the announcements, but since I'm not a developer there isn't much for me to look forward to. I'm all for stability improvements tbh I've had no real issues, so no excitement.
I've not been wowed in a while, but happily enjoy and am constantly appreciative and amazed by my current tech.
I will buy the iPad rMini update if it follows the iPad Air 2 lead, but that won't be covered there. This may be the first year I don't tune in during work. I will catch it when I have free time.

cocky jeremy

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Jul 12, 2008
As far as OS X, I am. For iOS, not so much. It's rumored to be a maintenance release, and honestly, I have very few issues with iOS 8. So I doubt it'll mean much to me.


Jun 24, 2013
I expect multi-window for tablets and the 6S/6S+ since they will have 2 GB of RAM from here on out. As for iOS9, under the hood, better power management, expanded features would work well enough for me. 7/10. I will be taking a huge exam during WWDC's keynote, so no time to focus on WWDC at that time. I will be free after my 4 hr exam.


macrumors regular
Sep 10, 2014
My heart tells me 10, 10, 10. But my brain is telling me dont get your hopes up. Im excited for OSX 10.11, but Im very doubtful iOS 9 will be much.

I am excited to see if Apple is going to release a GoogleNow Competitor. They should seriously by Hound like yesterday.


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Jul 7, 2010
super excited. Because we never know what apple could bring up with iOS/OS X. it's not like new iPhone releases that we get leaks months before..


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Jul 9, 2011
6. I was an 8 until I realized I won't be home to watch during the keynote :(. Somehow for the past few years I've always been able to watch it live. I think we'll be surprised at whatever they unveil.

Andres Cantu

macrumors 68040
May 31, 2015
9, but only because there's almost no chance of new hardware being announced, but something tells me that the "epicenter of change" has to be a big surprise! I do not recall Apple having a tagline like that for WWDC, can anyone confirm?

Also, every 5th WWDC has had something big. 2005 had the announcement of the transition to Intel and 2010 had the iPhone 4, so fingers crossed!
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Mar 28, 2010
I'm excited always for WWDC. This year though there has not been any leaks for the most part and that makes me think it's gonna be something big.


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Feb 6, 2014
I'm always excited to hear what Apple has been working on. So the Apple TV isn't expected this year.. maybe next year.

Cpt. Gilgamesh

macrumors regular
Jun 8, 2013
This will be the first year in a long time that I will actually be free during the Keynote address, so I'm excited to watch this year. However, I don't expect any groundbreaking features in software to come forth, just improvements, so it is a little difficult to get hyped for this one.


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Nov 12, 2007
1. I've been in this game long enough to realize it is best to set your expectations very low and let Apple exceed it. If you set your expectation too high, you're just going to be disappointed every single time.

I'm not expecting much from WWDC, a simple optimization update for iOS and OS X is all I want. OS X and iOS needs to be more responsive, less buggy, and just be fast. Windows 10 is already very fast on the same hardware compared to OS X Yosemite, so I'm disappointed in Apple overall for bloating the OS up to the point that Windows 10 is the OS i'm looking forward to.
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Cpt. Gilgamesh

macrumors regular
Jun 8, 2013
Windows 10 is already very fast on the same hardware compared to OS X Yosemite, so I'm disappointed in Apple overall for bloating the OS up to the point that Windows 10 is the OS i'm looking forward to.

It's a blight on OS X history, especially if it's not resolved in the next iteration.
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