How is this possible iPad and iPhone had notification popup asking me if I wanted to update iOS

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  1. max2 macrumors 68030

    May 31, 2015
    I have mikoto installed with disabling updates enabled. Also Apple upgrade servers are blocked on my router.

    I don't get how it knew there was a update for iOS ?

    Do not want iOS 10.2.1
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    Aug 18, 2016
    I don't have any blockers, but have auto updates turned off on my iPad Mini 2. I deleted the update about two months ago, because I don't want it on my iPad, but somehow it showed up again the other day. I deleted it, but it is curious how it came through again. Same with my kids' iPad Mini 2s.
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    Mikoto doesn't block the update, just removes the badge in settings. Strange that your router hasn't blocked it?? I assume you've put the correct address in to block?

    Here are some known ways to prevent the auto-pushed update from being auto-pushed to your iOS device:

    1. In your Wi-Fi router's settings, set up a block (using Access Restrictions or similar in the router's web interface) to This will prevent your device from "phoning home" to Apple, checking for the update and getting the download auto-pushed to it again (it may repeatedly get auto-pushed again to the device, even if you remove the iOS update file from the device; see section 3 below). Note that your router may not have this ability to block access to certain locations. In this case, see #2 below. Also note that connecting to a Wi-Fi router other than your own (with this block in place) will expose the device to the auto-pushed update. The block will only be valid when using your own Wi-Fi network.
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    Or install the NOOTA.mobileconfig for TvOS
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    Or, install the Cydia tweak: No Update (not, noupdate).
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