How many Gigaflops is the new 1.25GHz PowerMac?


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Mar 22, 2002
New York
ok I have two different figures for the number of gigaflops in the new Dual 1.25GHz powermac. Apple has one figure at 18.3 and then another one at 18.75.

It says 18.3 on the G4 Processors picture comparing the latest and greatest mac with the original 500MHZ G4. Then under the expansion tab it say it has 18.75 gigaflops when you move your mouse over the interior of the Powermac and click on number 5.

So what's the deal with this. Is this a typo? Its hard to confuse a 3 and 75, so I'm not sure what this means. Anybody else stumble upon this?


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Aug 9, 2002
Gotta be 18.3... there might be a mistake saying its more.. btu they wouldnt mistake it saying its less
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