How many hours of your life got wasted simply because of this?

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    Jun 14, 2011
    How many hours of your life got wasted simply by worrying too much about things that really shouldn’t be a big deal? How much money have you lost simply because of indecision and confusion regarding simple things? Have you ever considered trying a killer app. to eliminate all the time wasters? Well if not then now is the time to go for it. Just go Rand-O-Matic and let your iPhone save the day for you.
    This application is available here at:
    While running this app. in your phone, making a decision about what to do this weekend is going to be a piece of cake-LITERALLY!!! How? Well is this very common for you to have all this fights with your partner or friends regarding what to do this weekend? You want to have a Barbeque at the backyard while the others prefer the long drive? With Rand-O-Matic running in your iPhone you can easily avoid picking up a fight since this application will just come up with a random decision that you guys can easily accept and move on with. It is a win-win since nobody is pushing nobody with silly issues but instead you can have all the fun based on a decision taken on the neutral ground. Clever eh?
    Often we waste our valuable time thinking too much about minor issues which can actually be solved very easily. This can have detrimental impacts on your health and everyday life. In such cases Rand-O-Matic will help you to come up with a decision (more like using a coin to toss and decide) and move on to more important things that needs your attention.
    However, this app. is not to be tried with very important decisions of your life that might require proper analysis, justification and greater thoughts. Just run it for all the rather simple matters where you can actually stop worrying about making a choice when the decision is not going to have any significant or serious consequence in your life.
    This is a fun app. that you should try out with friends, loved ones or anybody. So get Rand-O-Matic here at:, try it out today. This is a fun way to come up with easy solutions for small issues in our everyday life.

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Instead of all the nonsense you just typed, you could have just said you developed a coin flipping app.

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