How many megs can a music cd have from iTunes?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jvaska, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. jvaska macrumors 6502

    Feb 18, 2002
    Aside from doing this via trial and error, how many megs of music can I get onto music cd via iTunes? I'm a little irked because right now it's telling me that 60 megs of mp3's is too many - is that right?

    I'm trying to burn 30 12 meg files (30 min conversations) onto disc and for the obvious reason I don't really want to separate them up over 10 discs or so - is there some other way to create music/sound cd's that can use more disk space? My discs say they will take 700 megs...

  2. yippy macrumors 68020


    Mar 14, 2004
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    Go into the prefferences and look at the burning section. It sounds like you have it set to burn an audio cd. These uncompress MP3 files so when you burn it a 4meg MP3 takes about 50megs on the CD. You can change it to MP3 CD, however it will only play on MP3 capable CD players or on computers, as opposed to an audio CD that will play in any CD player.
  3. PlaceofDis macrumors Core

    Jan 6, 2004
    audio cds can only play 80mins worth of music or whatever you are burning regardless of file size. hence why mp3 cds and mp3 players are becoming so popular, because they can hold so much more music in less space and waste less cds ect....
  4. sgarringer macrumors regular

    Jul 15, 2004
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    most audio CDs play 70 minutes, not 80... just pointing that out. otherwise your dead on.
  5. jvaska thread starter macrumors 6502

    Feb 18, 2002
    Can I fit more onto a disc if I use Toast?

    I'm burning 15 12meg tracks as an audio CD right now and it seems to be working - doesn't mean it will work when I try to play it. I'm pretty foggy on all of this burning/making cd stuff.

    Edit: Ok, Toast has set me right...not enough room. 5 will fit on a cd using the prescribed method - I'll just have to live with that.

  6. kettle macrumors 65816


    May 12, 2002
    England, Great Britain (Airstrip One)
    Red Book is 73min 59sec, as far as I know, older cd mechanisms will/can be damaged by over sized audio data.
  7. sinisterdesign macrumors 6502


    Dec 10, 2003
    are you trying to listen to this stuff in your car or home CD player? if not, definitley set your preferences to burn MP3 CDs as opposed to "audio CD". you can fit a TON of stuff on a disc (up to 700-800MB). the only downside is that a lot of existing CD players don't read MP3 CDs.

    think of it this way:
    - if you're looking to burn a completely compatible audio CD (one that will work in your car, your mother's boom box, etc), you can only fit 80 minutes of audio on the disc, no matter what format it was originally. it uncompresses any compressed format (MP3, AAC, etc), so a 15 minute track is 15 minutes of audio.

    - if you're looking to burn a bunch of MP3's to disc (NOT AAC, btw. it's a different format), you can burn an MP3 CD. if you do it this way, don't think of it as music, think of this as just burning data to a CD. you can fit 700MB worth of data to a CD. it doesn't care how LONG the tracks are b/c they can be compressed at different compression rates (high quality MP3, low quality, etc) so the track length can be the same and the file size differ. does that make sense? now the downside is, of course, you may not be able to play this CD in all CD players.

    hope that helps! happy burning...
  8. SilentPanda Moderator emeritus


    Oct 8, 2002
    The Bamboo Forest
    Actually you'll be hard pressed to find anything but 80 minute CD-R's at your local store. 74 minutes is the standard for compatibility with all CD players but 80 minutes is the norm.

    I guess you can find 24 minute CD-R's if you're looking at mini-CD-R's... :)

    Typically on a CD-R you can burn either 700 MB of data or 80 minutes of music. You'll most likely burn a little less than that but that's what you're supposed to be able to burn.

    It sounds like you are trying to burn your MP3's as audio (which is probably what you want). While it is only 60 megs of data it is 900 minutes of audio. If you want them burnt as audio CD's you are going to need to use multiple CD's (or get an iPod or something of that nature).
  9. mkrishnan Moderator emeritus


    Jan 9, 2004
    Grand Rapids, MI, USA
  10. jsw Moderator emeritus


    Mar 16, 2004
    Andover, MA
    FWIW, some car stereos and most (or at least many) newer CD/DVD players accept MP3, so you might want to consider burning an MP3 version and seeing if it plays where you want it to play. If so, as mentioned above, you'll be able to fit vastly more music onto the CD.

    You might also be interested in knowing that Toast (at least version 6) - which it seems you might have - will let you burn an audio DVD which will play in any DVD player and store many hours of music in standard (non-MP3) format.

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