How much was the original iPhone to buy?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by x&y, Jul 13, 2012.

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    I only jumped on the iPhone bandwagon around 18 months ago, up until then I just had Sony Ericsson phones.

    I remember when the first iPhone came out the cues at O2 stores in the UK (the only place you could buy an iPhone back then) were insane and I remember finding out the price of the first iPhone and being in complete shock as I thought it was SO expensive back then which is why it took me a few yeas before I bought into the hype and got my first iPhone, the iPhone 4 (best I've ever had).

    Looking back I regret not getting an iPhone sooner, but just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for your first iPhone, and do you think it was worth it at the time?
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    Aug 17, 2007
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    I jumped in with the iPhone 3G the 2nd year which was 2008. At that point the phone was lowered to $199 and $299 where it's stayed ever since. *

    Well, here's where I'm confused. Those were the orignal prices in the U.S., yeah, but they dropped the price 2 months later. This was well before November when the phone went on sale in the U.K.

    So what were the horribly high prices was the OP seeing at first? I honestly don't know.

    So I think the OP really needs another UK poster to fill in his memory.

    * (All prices listed are U.S. subsidized prices.)
    (Yes, I know cheaper phones are available, I'm only talking about the brand new versions at launch.)

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